Nevada Trust and Probate Administration

Our firm prides itself on providing efficient and effective guidance through all aspects of Nevada probate and trust administration.  The administration of a Nevada trust or probate can be simple or complex.  Regardless of the simplicity or complexity of your Nevada trust or probate need, Wallace Millsap is here to ensure the administration of your family's legacy is effectuated properly.  Wallace Millsap's attorneys are experienced in the following Nevada trust or probate administrative efforts:

·         Inventory all Assets of the Nevada Estate or Trust

·         Identify Heirs and Beneficiaries of the Nevada Estate or Trust

·         Appear at All Required Nevada Court Hearings

·         File Required Court Documents for Administration of Nevada Probate Proceedings

·         Prepare Accountings

·         Distribute Assets to Beneficiaries

·         Resolve Creditor Claims

·         Obtain Judicial Instructions on Nevada Trust and Estate Interpretation or Administrative Acts.

Whatever your Nevada trust or probate administrative need, Wallace Millsap stands ready to lend seasoned and informed representation to conclude your family's affairs.

John Taylor