Nevada Trust and Estate Litigation

At Wallace Millsap, we focus our practice on litigating disputes arising from Nevada trust and estate matters. We have represented fiduciaries, heirs, beneficiaries, creditors, charities and others in a wide range of sophisticated and high-value trust and estate legal disputes.

            Trust and estate litigation can be complex, both from a personal and legal perspective.  We have navigated clients through all aspects of trust and estate disputes, including:

·         Breach of Fiduciary Duty Actions

·         Will and Trust Contests such as Undue Influence, Testamentary Capacity, and Contractual Capacity Proceedings

·         Removal of Fiduciary Proceedings

·         Defense of Fiduciary Proceedings

·         Asset Valuation and Trust Allocation Proceedings

·         Accounting Proceedings

·         Will and Trust Interpretation

·         Reformation and Trust Decanting Proceedings

·         Invalid Formation of Will and Trust Proceedings

·         Navigate No-Contest Clause Application to Adversarial Proceedings

When you entrust your Nevada trust or estate dispute to us, we will balance aggressive advocacy with a resolution-oriented approach to obtain the best possible outcome for your unique situation.

John Taylor