Catastrophic Personal Injury and Wrongful Death

Catastrophic personal injuries are devastating to both the victim and the victim's family following a traumatic accident.  Unfortunately, these serious injuries can forever alter the victim's body and psyche, requiring both long-term physical and mental care.  Examples of catastrophic personal injury include damage to the brain, spine, joints, bones, and organs, many times requiring surgical intervention.  Sadly, even after treatment some victims are left paralyzed, dismembered, in pain, or unable to fully recover to their pre-accident condition.  If you have been seriously injured or lost a loved one in an accident involving a defective product, an automobile, an unsafe property, or the misconduct or negligence of another, we invite you to consider Wallace Millsap as your Nevada legal advocate to obtain the maximum monetary recovery permitted by Nevada law.

Wallace Millsap is the choice of seriously injured accident victims because our firm is a boutique office that only accepts cases of a serious and permanent nature.  This limited and focused style of legal representation allows Wallace Millsap to dedicate extensive time, resources, and knowledge on your specific case to obtain the best possible outcome under Nevada law, unlike many personal injury attorneys who advertise and seek out large caseloads where no one personal injury client receives focused, creative, and individual attention.  Mr. Millsap and Mr. Wallace have recovered millions of dollars for the accident victims they have been privileged to represent in the fields of wrongful death, product defect, automobile and commercial vehicle collisions, and unsafe properties.  In this time of great tragedy, our mission is to sympathetically aid in your recovery, and the restoration of your daily life.

John Taylor